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Client Objectives

The Client is located in Sweden and is delivering a comprehensive Contact Center as a Service for the Company’s Customer Service department. The Client founded the company in the year 2008 to revolutionize the customer service function. The goals and aspirations include the development of a smarter customer service platform for excellent customer experience.

Key Solutions

Our squad of technology rockstars (known as our tenacious developers) spearheaded the entire development cycle along with that, the lead developer wore the hat of a project manager as well. This is the speciality of solving IT problems in a FiftyFive way because tech experts love to wear multiple hats. Our team developed the following solutions for the client

  • Delivered portal for Super admins, Admins to monitor the performance of the agents.
  • Introduced the functionality of analytical dashboards with real-time insights which showcase the number of calls taken, how many are in progress, call volumes & other important KPIs like the agent status in which the admin can make out how many agents are busy, idle or paused. It gives agents the motivation to perform the best
  • Built portal/ticketing tool for managing the organization & survey system to rate the performance of the agent
  • Leveraged the top-notch tech stacks for a sturdy backend through Node.Js and database language- MySQL to build the dynamic platform. The appealing Frontend and responsive UI came out as a result of employing the powers of React.Js for building a smart customer service system
  • The queuing system was developed with the help of RabbitMQ
  • Steered the automated deployment of the application on AWS using the Ansible pipeline
  • We helped our client to strengthen the Queuing system for processing service requests and to maximise the efficiency


The essential objectives of our Client are to build a smart customer service system & ensuring excellent customer experiences have been achieved by the solutions delivered by our software development team. The system developed was able to save our clients from the perils of the bottlenecks pertaining to the queuing system. Using our team’s solving methodologies helped Client’s customers to streamline the workflows, and helped in reducing the processing time and response time to ensure fast service through load balancing & parallel processing techniques. Hence the system developed & code optimization practices adopted by our tech experts helped the client’s users to maximize customer support efficiency as well as agent productivity because they can respond to more than 85% of the calls through the functionality of the real-time dashboards developed by our experienced developers.

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